Official Card Counter for Trello

Organize and Manage your Trello Board FREE

Using this extension for Google Chrome, you can se the total cards per list in your board and se the total of all lists. Its very easy.

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Pratical and very useful. Let so powerful your Trello, using this extension for Google Chrome!

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Total Cards per List

Know per list, how much cards you have without clicking any button.

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in addition to one accountant per list, have an accountant for the entire board and know how many percent each list represents on your board.

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Our mission is let your life more easy. You don't need pay for use this powerful tool.

Quick & Easy to Use the Official Card Counter for Trello with Totalizer

You just need to download in the Google Chorme Store and done. Now you can see how is going your Trello board.

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Very goog. Saved my life.

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Jackeline Paes

Is perfect, the numbers help to get more speed to work with teams. Thanks for your time and dedication to help us.

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Diego Gaspar

The best extension that I used. Thanks for help us.

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Ivan de Souza